Himalayan Cuisine Review

Himalayan Cuisine Review

Posted 08-17-2012 in Reviews by Findmegoodfood Staff

Every week our staff of writers visit a local restaurant in the San Diego area and review them, trying to find you good food. We traveled to a Nepalese and Indian theme restaurant named Himalayan Cuisine in La Mesa and below are the reviews from our staff members.

Angela - Throughout my trip to Himalayan Cuisine, I tried three menu items at the Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan style restaurant: lentil soup, vegetable samosas, and the Himalayan salad. This first dish gave me a very favorable impression of Himalayan Cuisine, leading to high expectations for what else I'd ordered. The complimentary lentil soup was delicious, hot, lightly spiced and just the right texture of creaminess. Served in a very small bowl it was still hearty and satisfying, though not so rich that it put me off for the main entree. The samosas did not disappoint. The only samosas on the menu are vegetable samosas, but I never missed the meat. Unlike other samosas I have tried, the outer shell of these samosas were not chewy or over-fried. They were crisp and easy to bit into, well-flavored and sturdy. Cutting into the samosas with a knife was easy too, because the shells held up well and the filling was a soft but not messy texture. The potato filling was really packed in, and it was dense, filling, and very flavorful, spiced as perfectly as the lentil soup and well balanced so that no one flavor was too heavy or prominent. Sadly, the Himalayan salad did not match up to. The salad itself is huge, and served with a honey glaze which I found didn't do much to detract from the bland taste of the vegetables. The baby greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers were all tasteless. There were far too many baby greens and not enough of the other vegetables, meaning a poor balance between the already-poor tastes. A lot of forced chewing ensued. With the honey glaze, the salad taste more bearable, but the dressing did not detract from the bland taste of the vegetables. The bad salad ultimately brought down my impression of the meal. Himalayan Cuisine is a good stop for the Indian food that I tried. Their lunch special deals are cheap and their food portion sizes are relatively large., but ordering a salad at this style of restaurant was perhaps not the wisest idea.

Dan - Himalayan Cuisine makes a strong impression on you as your walk through the door. The décor was very festive., lights were low, and the atmosphere calm. The plate I ordered was the lunch special for $7.95: came with lentil soup, naan bread, two entree servings, and white rice. I order the chicken chilli and the chicken tikka masala. The lunch special made it easy to try multiple dishes from the menu for a reasonable price. The food presentation was decent even though rice got lost under the chicken tikka masala bowl. The wait staff was polite and friendly, very quick to fill water, the food came out quickly and correctly. The lentil soup was simple and a satisfying appetizer, and the naan bread was a great addition to the meal in its entirety. The naan bread was very delicious when dipped in the curry-like sauce that accompanied the tikka masala. The chicken chilli lack flavor, the veggies were flat and nuke warm, not that much flavor. The chicken tikka masala was flavorful, you can taste the herbs and spices that were in the curry-like sauce. Some of the rice was a little over cooked, making some very chewy. Overall my experience at Himalayan Cuisine was positive and it definitely a destination I plan to go back to in the future.

Jess - Before even walking into the doors to The Himalayan, I knew exactly what I planned on ordering. Although I've tried and enjoyed many different Indian dishes, I always fall back on my obsession with coconut curry. Luckily for me, it was on the lunch menu! After glancing at the menu for about 6.5 seconds, I chose the Vegetable Coconut Curry and Chicken Tikka Masala that was to come with white jasmine rice and lentil soup. The soup came out first and even though it was over 100 degrees outside, the soup was still extremely tasty. The heartiness of the lentils mixed perfectly with the yellow curry sauce and cumin. It was a small teaser to what awaited me with my main dish. Shortly after the lentil soup came my food. The tikka masala was in a bowl with chunks of chicken smothered in the delectable sauce. Naturally I went in for a bite of the vegetable coconut curry but I have to say it wasn't my favorite. The sauce was good but it was short of the blast of spices one usually gets with Indian food. The vegetables didn't taste all that fresh and the medley they used wasn't particularly ideal. All in all if I was to compare it to the other coconut curries I've had, I'd give it a 5.5 rating out of 10. I moved on very quickly to the chicken tikka masala. The sauce was exactly what I wanted it to be. Strong curry taste, a beautiful blend of spices and savory chunks of marinated chicken. Mixing the sauce, chicken and rice together in one big bite made up for the coconut curry a few times over. I was so impressed by the sauce that I found myself wiping the bowl clean with a piece of freshly baked naan bread. All in all, I give the tikka masala a 9.0 and the coconut curry a 5.5. The service was great, our food came out within minutes of ordering, the atmosphere was spot on making Himalaya Cuisine a definite go-to for great Indian food.

Neil - This isn't your average hole-in-the wall fast food Indian restaurant. From the elaborate décor down to the traditional attire of the waiters and hosts, Himalayan Cuisine is the real deal. The lunch special offered during the week offers your choice of two entrees, served with complimentary naan and lentil soup, all for just under eight dollars. With the complimentary items alone, the meal kicks off to a great start. Warm and crispy, the buttered naan melts in your mouth. Make sure you save some naan for the Chicken Masala. If there's one entree you pick out of the two, the Chicken Masala is a must, great to pour over the chicken, or as a dipping sauce for the naan. The second entree ordered was the Saag Aloo, fresh spinach and potatoes mixed with their own blend of herbs. Presentation of the Saag Aloo wasn't very appetizing, but beyond that, the herbs blended wonderfully with the spinach and potato. Himalayan Cuisine is a fine choice for Indian dining. With great service and just the right portion, it doesn't leave much cause for complaint.

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